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Festival EveryBody - Carreau du Temple - Paris

Dialogue with Shams

On February 15 and 16, 2021 we present Dialogue with Shams at the Carreau du Temple de Paris as part of the Everybody Festival.

Dialogue with Shams is a performance/portrait created with Rana Gorgani, a Franco-Iranian Sufi dancer.

For these dates we are pleased to have the participation of the classical pianist Simon Ghraichy.

We also present the installation Goupils in free access in the big Hall - Carreau du Temple from Saturday 13th to Wednesday 17th February.


Let's Explicit

Let's Explicit is the title of the 2nd "Carte blanche" that Klap/Maison pour la Danse de Marseille has given us for the Festival Plus de Genre-s :

"A rare and precious space dedicated to gender issues, sexualities and their representations, this appointment welcomes the question of the perception of sexuality in its political and artistic stakes. Privileging a queer and feminist perspective, it gives visibility to works and approaches that are not very present in the legitimate field of art. In addition to a selection of post-porn short films and performances by guest artists and accomplices, we will unveil L'Éthique. This duo for a young and an old man brings together contemporary narratives with the figures of the philosopher Socrates and his young disciple and lover Alcibiade".

Tuesday, March 23, 2021. Klap/Maison pour la Danse de Marseille as part of the Festival Plus de Genre-s



Creation of the Volumetric Video Installation Goupils for the Festival Question de danse in Marseille with Klap/Maison pour la Danse de Marseille, Scène 44 N+N Corsino and Pôle Création Friche Belle de Mai.

From October 05 to October 10, 2020

Le Corps du Roi (The King's Body)

Création au KLAP/Maison pour la danse de Marseille le 13 Avril 2018 du duo "Le Corps du Roi"

- Le 07 Juillet 18 au What the Fuck Fest de Paris (Cirque Electrique)

- Le 14 Septembre 18 au Jerk Off Festival de Paris (Carreau du Temple)

- Le 29 Septembre 18 de retour au Klap/Maison pour la danse de Marseille

- Le Vendredi 02 Novembre 18 au SNAP Fest (Sex Workers Narratives Arts and Politics) Point FMR/Paris

- Les 08 et 09 Avril 19 au TAP de Poitiers, Festival A Corps

- Le 05 Mai 19 au Queer Festival de Heidelberg

- Le 12 Décembre 19. Théâtre Le Périscope. Nîmes

- Le 21 Janvier 2020. Maison de La Culture de Amiens.