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Extime is a duo, conceived directed and interpreted by Marianne Chargois and Matthieu Hocquemiller.
Sound designer : Stéphane Monteiro
Light designer : William Guez 
Video technology : Pierre Vidry

Extime blends performance and cutting-edge medical imaging in a work based on intimacy (“Intimus”: further within) and making the body more visible.

In a contemporary reconfiguration of anatomical theatre, Marianne Chargois and Matthieu Hocquemiller propose a reflection on seeing, between erudition and post-pornography, that questions the fluid and dynamic boundaries delineating what is normal, obscene, private, personal and internal, that is the ever-changing definition in fine of a contemporary body. 

Extime received the support of DICREAM / CNC - Fund to support audiovisual innovation
Image acquisition was enabled by a collaboration with CERIMED (European Center For Research In Medical Imaging).

Extime had been created on friday 25th november 2016 in Humain trop humain, NDC of Montpellier, during Explicit festival.


                                             WATCH THE TEASER

Production : compagnie A contre poil du sens
Support : DICREAM / CNC, Humain trop humain, NDC de Montpellier


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