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Bonnes nouvelles

Artistic director, video and choréography : Matthieu Hocquemiller
Dance : Mathilde Gautry, Ludovic Lézin, Léonardo Montecchia
Music : Benjamin Collier
Lights designer : William Guez
Costumes : Hélène Durand

For this piece, we asked ourselves if we were able to know where somebody starts or ends ?
And if the answer is yes, then where should we cut in order to pin it down?

We thus started by analysing what brings us together : a history, a gender, the others, our time.
This question of bonds is a hot issue, maybe even a political one.

So perhaps this is the good news in all this context of disaster. The complete failure of the self-centered manly individual, which brings forth ideas of solidarity, frailty, inter-dependance, of bursting one’s limits.

This performance is supported by : D.R.A.C. Languedoc Roussillon, Région Languedoc Roussillon, A.D.A.M.I.

Rehearsed in the studios of Eclats Chorégraphiques de La Rochelle, L’Etoile du Nord (Paris), Théâtre de Clermont l’Hérault, « accueil studio » au Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier

The project was also supported by Réseau en Scènes en Languedoc Roussillon

Diffusion : Tanzmesse 2010 de Düsseldorf, S.A.T. de Barcelone (Rencontres Convivencia, Réseau en Scène en Languedoc Roussillon), Montpellier Danse (Saison 2011), Théâtre Le Périscope (Nîmes), Festival Incandescences (Pantin), Biennale Effervescence (Cholet), Performance Mix Festival de New York (avec le soutien de l'institut Français et Région Languedoc Roussillon).

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