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Jusque là c'est nous

Conception, choregraphy and video : Matthieu Hocquemiller
Performers : Mathilde Gautry, Ludovic Lézin, Jeanne Nora Bennouar, Hurlande Véronique Seukeu
Music : Benjamin Collier
Lights : William Guez
Costumes : Hélène Durand
Props : Pierre Traquet

« There is only desire and the social, and nothing else  » Gilles Deleuze
Jusque là c’est nous deals with the « body » as a political space.

This work mostly began with a process of meetings : meetings with stories, routes, bodies in tune with their times.
Journeys of migrations, or sex-workers, or transsexualism, these meetings outlined certain forms of crossing.
This is therefore a work on the body and the times : the social body and the body of the desire.
Tree recurrent and related themes emerged from these meetings and researches,  showed in the play in tree scenes: gender, intimacy and the stranger.
It is not about being exhaustive here, of course, but rather consider that these tree notions (gender, intimacy, the stranger) are only social constructions.
They are not distinct and isolated identities but are considered in a relation of thresholds, proportions and influxes.
We want to examine these problematics of private and collective ''thresholds'', of private and social ''proportions''.
We wish to contribute to show differences of degrees rather than differences of nature, to counter ''binary machines'' : man / woman, intimacy / social, stranger / non-stranger.

This performance is supported by : D.R.A.C. Langudoc Roussillon - Région  Languedoc Roussillon - Conseil Général de l’Hérault - Ville de Montpellier - Réseau en scène en Languedoc Roussillon

it is received for its residence periods by Théâtre Le Périscope de Nîmes - K.L.A.P. Maison pour la Danse de Marseille - Montpellier Danse, Agora Cité de la Danse (Montpellier) - Studio Bernard Glandier / Cie Didier Théron de Montpellier

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